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Delivering expert janitorial, specialty commercial cleaning and disinfection services for businesses and facilities.

A clean and well-maintained office or business premises enhances a company's professional image. It also provides a safe and healthy environment for building occupants, employees and customers.

With 70+ years of service, ServiceMaster Clean is a trusted leader in the commercial cleaning industry, both in Canada and worldwide. Over 100,000 businesses daily rely on our cleaning network to keep their offices and facilities clean and safe. You can trust the expertise and reliability of ServiceMaster Clean for the highest quality commercial cleaning services available.

ServiceMaster Clean is much more than a janitorial company. We offer and provide a wide variety of commercial cleaning services.

From standard office cleaning with our janitorial cleaning services, to commercial post construction cleanup and industrial cleaning. We also offer commercial carpet cleaning, floor care and maintenance programs. We perform specialty cleaning such as office furniture cleaning and disinfection and sanitization services, along with numerous other specialized cleaning services.


Any Industry.  Any Facility.

ServiceMaster Clean commits to providing clean and healthy environments for businesses. We provide cleaning services for different types of buildings and industries. These include offices, distribution centres, factories, stores, schools, healthcare facilities and transportation hubs.

Our services cover general janitorial cleaning, disinfection, and specialized commercial cleaning for our customers. We serve all sizes of facilities and offer a range of services to meet their unique needs. We customize our service plans to offer various specialized cleaning services for your specific industry and facility requirements.

At ServiceMaster Clean, we pledge to give our customers top-notch commercial cleaning and outstanding service quality.

Whatever your commercial cleaning requirements are ServiceMaster Clean has the solution.


Worries about virus spread have changed how we clean offices and shared workspaces in all industries. For commercial spaces, cleaning and disinfecting for health and safety remains a priority in a post-pandemic world.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Bring More Science to the Cleaning Industry


Protect-3 Advance is ServiceMaster Clean's solution to help customers continuously safeguard the health and safety of their facilities. This proprietary program integrates state-of-the-art technology. This system delivers cleaning and sanitizing services that provide long-lasting disinfection protection. Our Protect-3 Advance System operates on scientifically based validation for a clean, healthy and safe commercial facility.


ServiceMaster Clean is a leader in professional janitorial services and specialty commercial cleaning and disinfection services industry. We have been earning customer satisfaction and providing value-added service for 70+ years.


Getting Ready for the Holiday Office Party: Pre and Post Party Cleaning

The fun seasonal tradition of the Holiday Office Party is a welcome break from the regular work routine and a perfect time to build and strengthen office camaraderie and teamwork. But a good party also involves planning, organization and cleaning.

The Art of Cleaning Soft Surfaces

Soft surface cleaning refers to the cleaning of carpets and any fabric, leather or vinyl upholstered furnishings, divider panels or window coverings. Just like carpeting, soft surfaces need to be vacuumed and cleaned to keep them free of dirt, dust, and accumulated allergens.

Getting ready for Winter—How mats can help protect your flooring investment

If you’re like most office managers and business owners, you are always looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency. One way to do both is by using office floor mats. Your office flooring is a major investment, and floor mats, especially in winter, provide a protective barrier between your floors and foot traffic in high-usage areas. They also protect against slipping and falling, making them an indispensable safety element for every work environment.



Professional commercial cleaning services to suit every budget. Our plans start as low as $250 per month. We offer various cleaning services for offices, including occasional cleaning, daily custodial services, and other specialized commercial cleaning services. Depending on your specific requirements, we will work with you to develop a plan that suits your needs and your budget.


No other commercial cleaning services company offers the quality of service and commitment as consistently and affordably as ServiceMaster Clean. We stand behind our service guarantee to give you quality of service above and beyond your expectations, every time. Our expertise, dedication and value-added services make us the ideal commercial cleaning company choice for your business.


Our National Accounts Program provides our customers who have multiple commercial facilities with a single point of contact. We create a personalized plan to improve your business's efficiency, whether you have multiple locations nationwide or in one area. We use top technology, products, and trained staff to clean and maintain your facilities. Our goal is to ensure that your facilities are safe and attractive every day.


One positive outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is the recognition that cleaning staff are not only essential workers, but also heroes. Heroes for the work they do each and every day to keep our places of business clean, healthy and safe. At ServiceMaster Clean, that recognition has always been true! Our commercial cleaning staff are our frontline workers and have always been our EVERYDAY HEROES! Here is a look at some of our best!