Getting ready for Winter—How mats can help protect your flooring investment


If you’re like most office managers and business owners, you are always looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency. One way to do both is by using office floor mats. Your office flooring is a major investment, and floor mats, especially in winter, provide a protective barrier between your floors and foot traffic in high-usage areas. They also protect against slipping and falling, making them an indispensable safety element for every work environment.


FACT: Most people do not stop to wipe their feet when entering a building.



By protecting your floors from damage, floor mats extend the life of your flooring investment. They also protect hard floors and carpets from dirt, spills and stains, and are easy to clean. Floor mats also provide cushioning and insulation against cold floors in the winter and hot floors in the summer.


In winter, floor mats placed near and around entrance areas, protect your floors against snow, ice, salt and other ice-melting products that are tracked inside with normal foot traffic, and which can cause significant damage to floor coatings, carpet fibres and underpadding. Mats also provide traction, thereby preventing accidents and injuries caused by slipping on wet, slippery floors.


FACT: Mats that extend for 6 to 15 feet inside the entrance will trap 80% of dirt and moisture from the first 5 or 6 footsteps (Carpet and Rug Institute).


While floor mats are primarily used to provide workplace safety and floor protection, other functional benefits include cleanliness and contamination prevention, dust and noise reduction, decoration, ergonomic benefits, and more. Different types of floor mats are used for varying requirements in various settings.


Some office floor mats are made from anti-static materials that protect electronic equipment from static electricity. For work environments where staff are required to stand for long periods of time, ergonomically designed anti-fatigue mats provide comfort and support, and help reduce the risk of foot, leg and back pain.


Floor mats can be placed strategically in high-traffic areas throughout the workplace for floor protection and safety. An important added advantage of using floor mats is that they help reduce noise levels in busy open-plan offices.


If you have high-traffic areas in your facility, you’ll want floor mats that are durable and can withstand heavy use, and that are suitable for your specific type of flooring.



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