• I Can See Clearly Now…

    I Can See Clearly Now…

    The spring and early summer can be tough on your windows. Pollen and acids in rain can be big contributors to dirt on your windows this time of year. 

  • Improve Your Building Security

    Improve Your Building Security

    Long holiday weekends, such as Canada Day, provide more opportunities for vandalism, thefts and burglaries. These practical measures can help protect your facility without blowing your budget.

  • Post Construction Cleaning: Providing The Finishing Touch

    The debut of your new office is extremely important.  A tremendous amount of time, money and effort goes into a newly built or remodeled office space, so having it shine, when completed, is critical.

    But it isn’t just aesthetics that are

  • Cleaning for health

    Cleaning for health

    With the trend toward high-density office spaces and the increased pressures on employee productivity, the role of the office cleaner has never been more important.  As professional cleaners, our focus is to clean your office for health first.  A beautiful looking office comes naturally, as a positive outcome of our practices

  • 6 Best Practices to refresh your office this spring

    6 Best Practices to refresh your office this spring

    The long awaited spring is finally here!  It is time to shed the remnants of what was a very long and difficult winter with a spring clean of your office.  This year, consider a more enhanced cleaning program, so you can get the best clean from your commercial cleaners.

  • Evaluating Commercial Cleaning Contracts

    Evaluating Commercial Cleaning Contracts

    In this past issue of CFM&D Magazine, ServiceMaster Clean has provided some valuable information on what you should consider when tendering a commercial cleaning contract.

  • The bottom line on the flu season…

    The bottom line on the flu season…

    Each year businesses across the country face the issue of colds and flu in the workplace.  Both of these illnesses are highly contagious and easily spread in an office environment.  

  • Something in the Air:  Airborne Allergens

    Something in the Air: Airborne Allergens

    With the increase of pollen and spores in the summer months, many people with allergies seek refuge indoors.  There is however, the issue of allergen particles being carried in the air, and settling onto furniture, carpet and floor surfaces. 

  • Slowing The Spread of the Office Flu

    It’s that season again…flu season.  Where offices are overtaken by illness, that seems to hit one or more team members at a time, leaving you short staffed and under productive.

  • Extra. Extra.  Read all about us…

    Extra. Extra. Read all about us…

    This month CFM&D Magazine will be featuring the ServiceMaster brand.  The article highlights the ServiceMaster’s full service line offerings for the commercial business sector.

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